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2022 Year End Newsletter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What is Love the Wild?
Our mission is to teach children and adults alike how to learn from, love, and protect the WILD.  We do this through sponsoring unique and accessible educational programs and supporting conservation efforts with next the generation in mind.  Join us in our efforts to ensure wild lands and wildlife can be enjoyed by generations to come.
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Your Donations At Work!

Love the Wild is supporting Environmental Education in the village of Oltome in Kenya. Through our efforts to provide classroom instruction, we learned the children often come to school without having eaten. When children are hungry, they struggle to focus on learning, so we have provided at least one meal a day while at school for the last year.

We have also supported a scholarship to Edward Pemba, our current Project Manager in Kenya. Edward is set to graduate in 2023 with his Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. We are very proud of the work he is doing in the village!

Oltome also experienced a record drought in 2022. During the long season before the rains, we helped the children's families and villagers feed their livestock to keep them alive. Part of the feeding program involved providing food for the wildlife in the area.
Thanks to the efforts of Love the Wild, the villagers were able to help their livestock and the local wildlife during the drought and subsequent famine. 

Love the Wild donated $5000 which was matched by an anonymous donor. These donations helped purchase 30 grizzly bear proof garbage cans for the area of Jackson, Wyoming. Every year many grizzly bears are euthanized because of becoming habituated due to people leaving garbage or food out. Jackson residents are now required to have bear safe garbage cans thanks to the efforts of the Wyoming Wildlife Advocates! The garbage cans purchased through this donation effort are being given out to people who can't otherwise afford to buy one. Learn more about this cause at
Grass Roots Belize

Our 2022 work in Belize is coral reef restoration and turtle habitat support!  We sponsor scholarships for young adults to obtain their Diver's certificates so they can support environmental initiatives through Grass Roots Belize. The work included replanting coral destroyed by man and other environmental impacts, bringing kids to learn about sea turtles and breeding.  A field trip to visit the locations was coordinated by Grass Roots Belize.
Children's Education and Field Trips

In 2022, Love the Wild sponsored classroom experiences and field trips in Florida, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Working with Green Kids Club to donate books about animals and related habitat issues, Love the Wild was able to impact the education of more than 300 children 
of elementary and middle school ages. This does not include the books we donated to other non-profits and their environmental education programs.
These programs are at the core of our mission. Love the Wild is dedicated to educating today's youth to involve them in the problem-solving necessary to make sure wildlife and their habitats can be enjoyed by future generations. It is truly an inspiration to see a child's eyes light up as they learn about grizzly bears or wolves, as did the group of students we took to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone. Kids ask great questions and often provide unique insight into the issues at hand! 
Another key element of our education program is through the use of Google Classroom.

Click HERE to see what we are doing now and stay tuned for exciting new additions in 2023!
Book Donations

Love the Wild donates books! In 2022, we donated over 1000 books to Holy Rosary School, White Pine Elementary, EDGE Foundation, Teton Science School, Project Chimps, Elephants without Borders, and many other individuals and organizations!  The book below supports environmental education in the Krueger, South Africa region - through Saving the Survivor.  Beautiful art by Morgan Spicer.  
Orangutans in Borneo

Love the Wild also supports efforts to save the habitat for orangutans in Borneo. Read more and support this cause at The Orangutan Project.


In Other News...

We recently started an official Wild Green Kids Club! We are very excited and to kick it off, we have a contest underway. To find out how to become a Wild Green Kid - or enroll someone you know - go to


How You Can Support Us

As with any non-profit, we rely on contributions and donations to fund our work. You can learn more about us and donate at Or look below at great opportunities to support us through your Christmas shopping or everyday purchases! 
Love the Wild is the non-profit arm ofGreen Kids Club who donates a percentage of profits from the sale of all their books to Love the Wild Foundation.  In addition to books about animals and environmental stewardship for children and adults, we also have apparel and accessories in our Love the Wild Foundation shop.  The proceeds from sales will be donated to the Foundation to support our education and conservation initiatives!
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