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About Us

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Our Mission

Love The Wild Foundation is a non-profit organization that partners with schools, other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and like-minded entities to provide experiences to children, and adults alike, to appreciate, understand and protect animals and the natural environment – both locally and globally. The Foundation works across international borders with our partnered organizations using educational materials, classroom projects, workshops, trips and other initiatives, as a means of teaching and empowering environmental stewardship.

What we Do With Your Donations

Donating Books

about the environment and animals to schools and youth programs.

Creating Learning Opportunities

Employing virtual and in person learning lessons to analyze environmental challenges and discuss possible solutions. Engaging and connecting students, biologists, scientists and teachers to cross boundaries and call for solutions to co-exist successfully with the WILD. We offer engaging classroom activities via our very own google classroom, click the link to join today.

Providing Educational Opportunities

to underprivileged youth.

Sponsoring Field Trips

Providing outdoor education centers to help teach about endangered species, respect for wildlife and responsible enjoyment.

Inspiring Children

to connect with initiatives to save threatened or endangered species, be mindful of invasive species and be local stewards of the lands in their neighborhood.

Fostering Discussions

Educational platform to teach children how their everyday lives impact our natural world and its animals.

Call for Action

Stewardship of and best practices for co-existence with animals and our environment and what you can do to make a difference.

Let’s Use Our Knowledge Today to Improve our Possibilities of Tomorrow

Change Tomorrow

Education and engagement are at the core of what it takes for humans and the wild to share this great planet. We simply have to raise human consciousness to stop the cycle of unsustainable practices that are associated with modern-day industrialization. We have a responsibility to share this planet and an obligation to care for nature. Most people are unaware of the things they do that cause harm to wildlife. They are also typically unaware of people and practices that are destroying the legacies of endangered wildlife species – like grizzly bears, tigers, orangutans, wolves and elephants – and their respective habitats – like mountains, jungles, plains and forests.