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Board of Directors


Sylvia Medina

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Sylvia Medina

Sylvia Medina is the Founder of the Love The Wild Foundation.   She established this so she can help share the message to children to help preserve our planet and its animals. She is also the founder of the Snake River Animal Shelter.

Ms. Sylvia Medina is the President and CEO of Green Kids Club, Inc.  Green Kids Club specializes in writing children’s books related to Environmental Stewardship and learning concepts for children. The stories highlight two children that drink water from a magic spring giving them the power to communicate and talk with animals. Together the kids and animals work towards ensuring they have a healthy ecosystem. Green Kids Club has won a number of awards including the 2016 Green Company of the Year by Dr. Toy, Family Choice Award in 2015, the Mom’s Choice Award (2014), and the Dr. Toy Best Green Award (2014). In 2017, we have been awarded the Dr. Toy Award for Top 10 Socially Responsible and the Top 100 for 2017.

Ms. Medina was also past president and owner of North Wind, Inc. an Environmental engineering and construction company.  She attended college at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico, where she received Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Environmental Engineering and Biology.  After graduating from New Mexico Tech, Ms. Medina relocated to Idaho to work for the Idaho National Laboratory. While working she also obtained a Masters in Waste Management.

In addition to her work in the environmental industry, she is also an accomplished Jewelry Artisan (Sylvia Medina Jewelry).

Board Member/Secretary

Julie Foster

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Julie was raised in Pocatello, Idaho and graduated from Idaho State University with a business degree in 1993. As a single mom, she has worked and raised her children in Southeastern Idaho and is passionate about giving back to her community. Julie works to provide good paying jobs in Idaho and is committed to several other causes near and dear to her heart.  Once an avid rock climber, she now plays tennis, skis, and hikes.

Julie owns and operates JFoster & Associates, LLC. JFA provides technical and professional services to a variety of government and commercial energy customers.

Board Member

Dr. Gerry Sehlke

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Dr. Sehlke has 31 years experience in various topical areas, including; regulatory compliance, environmental restoration and water resources policy programs, in designing and implementing, groundwater monitoring, groundwater protection and environmental sustainability programs, and designing and implementing energy, water-, watershed- and climate-change adaptation and resilience research and development projects/programs.   His professional interests are focused on developing a nexus between policy/law and science; that is, ensuring that ongoing environmental/natural resources related science can support policy and legal needs and evaluating whether environmental/natural resources policies/laws are scientifically sound.

Professionally, He has been a Principal Compliance Engineer at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory, an Advisory Scientist at the Idaho National Laboratory, an Adjunct Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Utah State University, an Affiliate Researcher at the Energy Policy Institute at Boise State University, and a Legislative Affairs Fellow for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

Dr. Sehlke has earned a Ph.D. in Water Law, Management and Policy, a M.S. in Hydrology, a M.S. in Entomology, and a B.S. in Biology.

Board Member

Dr. Terri Neese

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Serial entrepreneur Dr. Terry Neese, is a lifelong Oklahoman and has spent over thirty (30) years finding careers for men and women. She is the founder of Terry Neese Personnel Services (TNPS), National Grassroots Network, Women Impacting Public Policy and the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW).

Current and previous roles include: Board of Director to the Euro-American Women’s Council, U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council, through which she traveled to Afghanistan in 2007, National Advisory Council on Indian Education, Les Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM) Regional Commissioner for the Americas, National Women’s Business Council (a bipartisan federal government council created to serve as an independent source of advice and counsel to the President and Congress) and Advisory Council for the United States Committee for United Nations Development Fund for Women.

Board Member/Treasurer

Frederica Wheeler-Johnson

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Graduated from Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY in June, 1963, Major Field, Political Science and minor Field, French. Studied for a Master’s Degree in International Relations at the University of Virginia 1963-64. International Trade Specialist at the U.S. Department of Commerce, 1971-1995. Summers in Glacier National Park, Montana at the family compound of Grandmother and Grandfather, Senator and Mrs. Burton K. Wheeler. Senator Wheeler was U.S. Senator from Montana from 1924-1946. Presently resides in Montana, Maryland and France. Present and recent affiliations: Member, Chevy Chase Club, member of the Colonial Dames of America, Chapter Three. Former member of the National Society of Colonial Dames where I was on the Board of Directors and served as Secretary and First Vice President. Member of the Potomac Bridle and Hiking Trails Association where I have served on the Board of Directors for 10 years. Former Board Member of the Glacier Park Conservancy. Present Board member and Secretary of the Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation. Member of the Potomac Valley Dressage Association. Patron of the National Gallery of Art. Participant in the Adult Recitals of the Washington Music Teacher’s Association.


Jane Ratzlaff

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Jane has spent 30+ years in the non-profit world and is serving as our interim executive director/consultant. From volunteer, development director, executive director, vice president of development to a consulting business, Jane has been active in growing non-profits that follow her passions of education, wildlife and wildplaces. Her love for the outdoors and all that it has brought to her life, is why she is engaged in the Green Kids Foundation. She spent most of her career in education before taking the job with the Glacier National Park Fund and becoming passionately involved in preserving, protecting and sharing the outdoor experience which she has enjoyed all her life. In addition to her consulting business, Ratzlaff Consulting, Jane also helps her husband, Henry, run his company, A2Z Electric, and daughter, Brittany, with her Glacier Coffee House and Bearfoot Relexology. Together they have four kids, Garry, Pete, Brittany and James and five grandkids.

Board Advisor

Frank Russo

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Frank Russo is a retired executive who supports land conservation and responsible development to protect wildlife and wildlife corridors. Frank now serves as a Board Advisor to Love the Wild.


Program Manager

Julie Bottum

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Marketing and Communications

Dory Kurowski

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Dory Kurowski works closely with President and Chairman, Sylvia Medina, to develop messaging for the Foundation and handles all digital marketing.

Dory has 20 years experience in corporate, product communications and brand marketing, including work related to her app and the eco-minded products she recommends on it.  Dory started her career as a communications professional in the biopharmaceutical industry, and then after certain life changes, pivoted towards the world of sustainability.  Her mission has been to help the average consumer make better, more thoughtful product choices and also become aware about eco-minded and humane focused companies and organizations. She’s been a guest speaker at many national and local green fairs and festivals on her quest to educate others. She is also a consistent supporter of many animal advocacy groups.

Besides being a life-long lover of nature and wildlife, part of Dory’s decision to rigorously focus on sustainability was after the birth of her first child.  With a son in elementary school, Dory is highly vested in teaching children about environmental stewardship and aims to do so on a daily basis.  Dory is thrilled to be able to work with Love the Wild, which is quite a natural fit.