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Superhero Bear: Grizzly 399

In the Northwestern United States, there is a magnificent species called the grizzly bear. As prime habitat decreases for these animals that have ranges up to 600 square miles, more and more conflicts are making their survival harder. Grizzly 399 is a magnificent bear that lives in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Students will learn about the natural history, habitat, and challenges faced by grizzly bears and then use that knowledge to work through the process of creating a comic strip or graphic novel to build awareness about this endangered animal.

This FREE standards-based curriculum is sponsored by Love the Wild Foundation. Teacher and student resources and step-by-step directions make this an ideal project for face-to-face, hybrid, or remote learning.

If you already have an account, login at Google Classroom and use the join code: l2da3wb. Otherwise, use the link below to access this project's wonderful resources and guidance.

Upcycling Challenge

After learning about upcycling and plastics, create an upcycled product. Be inventive! Be creative! Be useful! Look around the house for items that are no longer needed, especially those made of plastic. Create a new product that can either be used by animals or helps people appreciate animals. Then come up with a clever name for the product. Remember, this is something that people might want to buy or make themselves.

In addition to building something new, write directions on how to make it. The directions and photo of the product might be added to a Green Kids Upcycling Project book so that others can use their old junk to build something useful and make better use of plastics.

If you already have an account, login at Google Classroom and use the join code: l2da3wb. Otherwise, use the link below to access this project's wonderful resources and guidance.


Recipients of Our

Scholarships and Apprenticeships

Prillicia Gumbang


Rainforest Support Initiatives


Edward Pemba

Edward is set to graduate with a bachelor's in environmental science in 2023 and is currently working with us as a program manager for Love the Wild in Kenya. 

Mariel Calderon


Marine Apprenticeship


School Reading Activities

After school program facilitates learning about their environmental world through the Arts

Bigfork Art & Cultural Center hosts Love the Wild Foundation's Inspired Classroom

by Julie Bottum, October 18th, 2021

Love the Wild Foundation with Green Kids Club, Inc. collaborated with the Arts and Literacy After School and Summer Program at Bigfork Art and Cultural Center. This group addresses the educational needs of Bigfork (and surrounding area) children by providing them with art-infused project-based learning opportunities that facilitate development of observational, communication, and collaborative skills with other students to enhance creative processes and find solutions.  This six week collaboration embraced the mission to introduce children to the uniqueness and the beauty of our natural world, by educating them about the importance of protecting our planet and its inhabitants.

Together with Sylvia Medina’s children’s book; Grizzly 399 and Love the Wild’s online learning platform, “MentorIC”, students learn about environmental issues through storytelling using books, videos, and other multimedia resources.  

The focus of this fall's program is Grand Teton National Park and Bridger-Teton National Forest's famous native; Grizzly 399 and her 2020 cubs.  Over the course of the six week program with the support of gifted local artists/educators; the kids have learned various art media techniques, techniques of drawing and proportions as they created cartoons and sculpture representation of their understanding of the issues Grizzly 399 and her cubs face and of course Learning about Grizzlies! They were able to take the books with beautiful illustrations by Morgan Spicer and photos by Thomas Mangelsen, an amazing wildlife photographer and use these in their representations.  

Environmental Program Support

Borneo Rainforest Support Donations

Provides financial support to save orangutan habitats in Borneo.


Kenyan Village Sponsorship

Oltome Community Village Primary School Kenya Village Support

Love the Wild is working to enhance environmental education through support of the Oltome Community Village Primary School located on the outskirts of Amboseli National Park.  This village consists of members from the Maasai tribe Our main goal is to help educate children to become stewards of our lands. What better way than to go directly to a place that has such a huge environmental impact on the animals of Africa?  During the pandemic, this village was hit hard with a lack of tourist dollars coming through to help them with their village and schooling.  Learning was spotty, teachers were not getting paid and therefore classes were not happening on schedule, and children were not receiving an adequate education including regular meals.

The number of children involved includes classrooms from K-3rd grade and 4 teachers with approximately 100 students.  Our foundation is paying teachers' salaries, and breakfast & lunch for the children.  Environmental Classroom curriculum is being implemented per class every day of the week.  If you can help to support this initiative, we need the support of $1700 per month.  Any help you can give us is well appreciated!

Love the Wild received a Christmas Message from Kenya.

Drought in Kenya

Most recently there has been a major drought within Kenya which has been having negative impacts on the people and animals in Kenya, we have been working to provide food for the villagers' cattle and goats as well as hay for wildlife outside the perimeter of the Oltome Community Village.


Our gift of books will go to schools and children to learn about their relationship with our environment.

Field Trips

Most Recent Field Trip: White Pine Stem Academy


Students from the White Pine Stem Academy went down to Yellowstone to see and learn about the different wonders that appear there. Students visited wonderful spectacles such as Artist Point and learned about the animals around the area at the wolf and grizzly discovery center. The students even got to see a real live bear!!!

One of our goals under the Love the Wild Foundation mission is to make children better environmental stewards. We were so happy to be able to sponsor a 4th grade class field trip to the Teton Science Schools where the children learned about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Teton Science Schools provides year-round programming for student groups from across the country. Their programs combine fun with learning and studying and observing mountains, glaciers and streams.

Students explored Grand Teton National Park on foot and found out about the WILD in the greater Yellowstone area through focused observation and inquiry. They performed team research and were even able to challenge themselves physically on the Doug Walker Challenge Course!

Trip to the Pinecrest Gardens in Miami

We are excited to be providing support to children who are involved with the Edge Charitable Foundation. The kids were able to go out and visit some beautiful gardens in Miami.