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Learn From the Wild

Nature's beauty holds numerous lessons for all ages, encompassing sustenance, mindfulness, reliance, balance, risk, protection, and adventure. Through our efforts, we strive to introduce these lessons from the wild to people of all ages, instilling a sense of pride and ownership as we comprehend our impact on the environment. By capturing the imagination of young minds with child-friendly materials like books and videos, Love the Wild, the non-profit arm of Green Kids Club, publishes inspiring stories about environmental stewardship and animals, empowering future generations to become better stewards of our planet.

We also work to provide learning adventures by partnering with other NGO’s, like-minded entities and schools to offer workshops and educational experiences about environmental systems and animal habitats.

We are continuously seeking support for the development of additional online curriculums for schools that can be employed globally. The goal is to connect students from different areas and walks of life and provide a connection between mentors, students and educators to impart lessons about environmental stewardship.  To conduct this type of educational curriculum, we have created a google classroom.  Our first Classroom Challenge launched with the theme of upcycling; check our What We Do page to browse and register for the latest challenges!

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsers

Sally White

Sally White from, Howdy Sal, is supporting Love the Wild Foundation by giving part of the earnings from purchases of her products. We highly recommend that you check out some of her products either in our shop or on their website.


Jessica Becker

Jessica Becker is a fantastic artist who is selling their artwork through Etsy, and Jessica has created a painting that every sale of the, Love the Wild Foundation would receive 60% of the net profits. We appreciate the support and would ask everyone to look at the painting and the rest of her products as well. Click on the painting above to check it out at Jessica's store.

Eric Thorsen

We are happy to say that Eric Thorsen has made a sculpture of Grizzly 399 and her cubs that will be available very soon. The cost of the sculpture is $5400 and a portion of the profits are going to be donated to Love the Wild. We believe that you should take a look when it becomes available, but in the meantime check out Eric's website and Etsy page.

Enjoy the Wild

Recreational use of public lands connects people with nature, promoting our well-being and environmental preservation. By enjoying the outdoors and utilizing designated trails, we can strike a balance between humans and nature. The Foundation prioritizes land preservation, advocating for park access, trail improvements, and responsible management.

Protect the Wild

Protecting the WILD will allow for enjoyment of the WILD.  WILD Landscapes and WILD animals depend on our stewardship.   Sharing about the “how” and “why” of good stewardship is critical in today’s world. By educating this generation about disruptive practices and policies of people, industry and land management, we will make people more aware of their responsibility to preserve the wild for future generations.

Our goal is to make our neighbors and future generations advocates for the wild. Through you, we will reach farther and wider.

Currently we are working with The Orangutan Project to protect one of the last lowland rainforests in Kalimantan, home to the largest remaining population of Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans – but we need your help!  Donate here to support our cause. 

Donate Today

Thank you for considering a gift to the Love the Wild Foundation. Your investment in the future of our wild animals and landscapes will play a big role in leaving an outdoor legacy for generations to come.