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Prillicia Gumbang, Love the Wild Scholarship Recipient through Orang Utan Repulik Foundation.

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Our Mission is to teach children and adults alike how to learn from, love, and protect the WILD.  We do this through sponsoring unique and accessible educational programs and supporting conservation efforts with the next generation in mind.  
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What's New at Love the Wild?

Be a Wild Green Kid

Calling all Green Kids, we are moving the Green Kids Club membership to Love the Wild Foundation!  The new club will be called Wild Green Kids.  We are super excited about this and plan to kick off further details in early July.   

Sponsored Readings and Book Donations

We continue to sponsor opportunities to educate students about environmental stewardship.  We are doing this by making book donations to schools and hosting many virtual/live readings for classes!  This quarter we have read or donated books to the following groups - Escuela Virgen de Santa Juana, Costa Rica; Island Park, Idaho; YMCA Camp in Idaho; the Edge Foundation based in Miami, Florida; Holy Rosary Elementary School; White Pine Elementary School; Bon Air Elementary, Virginia; and Lake View Elementary in Gillette, Wyoming as some examples.  We also donate and give out books for summer library programs and other educational groups.   

How Love The Wild Foundation has been Supporting the Non-Profit Organization,
Reading is Fundamental

Over the years we have donated many books to children all over the world and of various ages.  We are proud to announce that Love the Wild has donated over 12 of the Green Kids Club book titles to Reading is Fundamental, based in Washington, DC.  See what children have access to!   

Oltome School, Kenya Village Program 
The children pictured here are Learning about the Wild through our program in Amboseli, Kenya.  Because it is hard to learn on empty stomachs, we also provide meals for the children during the day! These children are learning about the animals and the habitat all around them!  Thanks to Chief Daniel for enabling this program and Edward for managing it.  

Love the Wild donated $5000 which was matched by an anonymous donor for a total of about 30 grizzly bear proof garbage cans for the area of Jackson, Wyoming. There have been over 30 grizzly bears killed or euthanized because of becoming habituated due to people leaving garbage or food out. These garbage cans are being given out to people who can't otherwise afford to buy one. This program is effective July 1, 2022.  Thank you to Wyoming Wildlife Advocates for getting this program in place! 

Field Trip at Wolf & Grizzly Discovery Center, West Yellowstone

Love the Wild sponsored a field trip for children who are part of Holy Rosary Elementary School. The children visited the Wolf & Grizzly Discovery Center and learned about wildlife in the area. The children told us this was the best field trip they had all year! 

Belize Sea Turtle Restoration Program

Belize Grass Roots is doing a magnificent job in promoting environmental programs in Belize. They are not only working on coral reef and mangrove restoration but are now helping to ensure sea turtle habitats are protected and restored.  

We also continue to sponsor individuals to learn about coral reef restoration.  Right now, we are sponsoring a student that is part of Belize Grass Roots and working on the Coral Reef Project in Belize. 
Edward's Love the Wild Corner - from Kenya!

Future of the Elephants of Amboseli: The Vanishing Heritage

The elephants of Amboseli are in a quagmire. Elephants, the keystone species of the Amboseli ecosystem require a larger space than the national park can offer. The land immediately outside the park was previously a community group ranch where an elected committee ran the affairs of the ranch on behalf of the members, now the land is being subdivided.

What does this mean to the elephants of Amboseli?

As land ownership shifts, the communal people will tend to build or use their land as they wish.  People will build fences that will force the elephants to remain in the park. The park as it stands, cannot sustain the current elephant population which remains at approximately 1,400 (per the current survey done by the Kenya Wildlife Service). The park is a favorite sleeping area for most wild animals of Amboseli because it has luscious grazing areas due to the availability of water from the natural springs of Enkongu Narok wetlands.

As the night approaches, the elephants sleep in the community land that borders the park because fences and buildings are getting erected in their migratory routes. This will cause the elephants to get wilder in their quest for space to roam, as migration is part of their primordial instincts.

The most likely results are an increase in cases of human-wildlife conflicts and more animosity towards trespassing animals.  It is expected that people will be selling land off at an alarming rate and resulting in increases in poaching. Due to all these possibilities, the question remains how can we ensure that the elephants and other animals of Amboseli’s critical migratory routes for wildlife are safety guaranteed, especially our gentle giants?

It’s a collective responsibility for all stakeholders involved in the conservation of the Amboseli ecosystem to develop processes to ensure space is available for trespassing wildlife. The unprecedented land rush being experienced exposes our conservation efforts to new threats.
Student Scholarship Program

Meet Prillicia

Love the Wild has been supporting a scholarship for Prillicia Gumbang, a young Indonesian woman going to graduate school to help foster orangutan survival and rainforest habitat conservation. She is a beautiful and amazing young woman making a difference!  The overall program is administered through the Orang Utan Repulik Foundation. 

Here is what Prillicia has shared with us:

My name is Prillicia gumbang, i am 23 years old, now at university i have completed research related to orangutans. My hobbies are Dayak traditional dancing, playing ukulele & guitar, singing, reading books, making videos, tracking & camping in the forest with my friends. 

Before COVID-19, me and some friends really liked to educate young people about the importance of forests and also some endemic flora and fauna in Kalimantan, one of really important is orangutans.  we share knowledge by playing games and also presenting using language that is easily understood by children's and young people in high school.  After that, we invited young people in high school to plant trees in the high school area and teach them how to plant trees properly.


Howdy Sal

We are excited to have Sally White supporting our efforts at Love the Wild. She designs t-shirts and beautiful metal images as seen in the above photo.  Sally is donating part of her proceeds to our foundation. We thank Sally for being a part of making a difference!  See her shop at Howdy Sal.
This photo is taken at the Wind River KOA in Dubois, Wyoming. 

Missed It?
Links to readings of books about animals and conservation published by our partners at Green Kids Club that you may want to hear:

A Tail of Three Lions - co-authored by Ian Michler of the Blood Lions campaign and Sylvia Medina

Princess storytelling with Dr. Gary Shapiro - click here

Grizzly 399 - by Sylvia Medina

This month, in collaboration with our partner Green Kids Club, Inc. we are giving away 2 copies of "Grizzly 399 and Her Four Hungry Cubs."  First, two people to send us a note through our contact page information will receive a free book!. 

Calling all Educators – Including Home Schooled Children!

 If you are interested in an online class to teach children about wildlife, especially grizzly bears, go to our online class about Grizzly 399, through Inspired Classroom. We plan to add in some additional classroom challenges as we get into the winter.  If anyone is interested in participating in this challenge go to Inspired Classroom to learn more. Feel free to email us questions as well, if you would like to get involved in our challenge! 

Make a difference. Shop for gifts and anything else at to generate donations for Love the Wild Foundation!