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Update on Prillicia Gumang

In the last 2 years there have been many things or activities that I have participated in such as activities at university or outside activities such as volunteering. the activities that I participate in are closely related to my background as a student majoring in forestry. I am very interested in the environment, culture, education and activities that can develop myself to be insightful, experienced and complement what I learned while at university.

I will tell about myself. my name is Prillicia Gumbang, I am 23 years old, now at university I have completed research related to orangutans. My hobbies are Dayak traditional dancing, playing ukulele & guitar, singing, reading books, making videos, tracking & camping in the forest with my friends. Lately I've been studying to improve my English skills, as I did while writing this message. To get an impression of me, I'll send you some pictures.

Before covid-19, me and some friends really liked to educate young people about the importance of forests and also some endemic flora and fauna in Kalimantan, one of really important is orangutans.  we share knowledge by playing games and also presenting using language that is easily understood by children's and young people in high school.  After that, we invited young people in high school to plant trees in the high school area and teach them how to plant trees properly.


Orang Utan Republik Foundation