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Summer 2023 LTW Newsletter

Summer 2023
What is Love the Wild?

Love the Wild is a non-profit foundation with a mission to teach children and adults how to learn from, love, and protect the wild. 

We do this through sponsoring unique, accessible educational programs and supporting conservation efforts with the next generation in mind. 

Join us in our efforts to ensure wild lands and wildlife can be enjoyed by generations to come. Learn more at
Welcome, Aria!
Love the Wild is pleased to welcome Aria McKenna as our newest Board member!
Aria is an award winning actress, a voice-over artist, director, producer and founder of Global Cooling Productions, which uses media and entertainment to help inspire and empower climate action. Aria also produces directs and edits short format environmentally inspired content for RevolutionEarthTV.
In the News This Quarter
Photo courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
The Issues of Climate Change
This last month has produced some of the hottest summer days on record. The natural weather phenomenon known as El Niño is back. During El Niño years, global surface temperatures tend to rise, bringing hotter conditions worldwide. Its counterpart, La Niña, brings cooler surface temperatures when it overcomes El Nino. You can monitor climate activity at the NOAA Climate Dashboard.

Combined with the ongoing impact of human-induced global warming, this is likely to result in breaking temperature records over the next five years, according to the World Meteorological Organization. 

How can you help?

link to a United Nations Environment Programme page provides 10 great ways you can make a difference. We all need to do our part to help protect and preserve this great planet for all living things!
Thousands of New Species Discovered in the
Clarion-Clipperton Zone

In a remarkable exploration of the Pacific ocean, researchers made an amazing discovery in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ). Over 5,000 new species have been found in this mysterious underwater realm, located between Hawaii and Mexico. From deep-sea creatures with bioluminescent displays to delicate coral formations, this groundbreaking find serves as a reminder of how much we still have to learn and protect within the uncharted depths of our magnificent oceans.

Unfortunately, countries and companies want to begin mining various minerals in this location. The International Seabed Authority, an intergovernmental body that establishes regulations for mining activities in that area, has issued 31 contracts to countries and companies. The timeline for when mining activities might begin in the CCZ remains uncertain, as does the likelihood of implementing the necessary rules before beginning such operations. You can read more about this here - or watch
What We Do...

Love the Wild continues to provide scholarship funds for Genevieve to attend Island Academy. Here she is with her boat made from recycled materials! Way to go, Genevieve!
We also support Grass Roots Belize. Their activities include conducting sea turtle habitat restoration and environmental cleanup and providing education to promote coral reef restoration! 

Love the Wild also supports efforts to save the habitat for orangutans in Borneo. Read more and support this cause at The Orangutan Project.

Love the Wild supports environmental education at schools in Oltome and Olsiti in Kenya. We have also helped villages plant drought-resistant plants and working to plan for food for their livestock!
Love the Wild donated to the Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center during their Tin Cup Challenge. They provide medical care and support to injured, sick, or orphaned wild animals. To learn more about them or to donate to this wonderful organization, click here
Love the Wild also made a donation to JH Bear Solutions! Research has shown that mismanagement of trash is the main factor in attracting bears and causing human-animal conflicts. This can be significantly minimized through the use of bear-resistant trash cans. Our donation helps to purchase more bear-proof garbage cans for those who can't afford them. 
Students in Botswana with our Lili, the Brave Bee book!
This quarter we donated 200 books to the non-profit Reading is Fundamental (RIF), a national organization dedicated to fostering a love for reading among children and promoting literacy as a fundamental right. We also donated books to the United Way, and 120 books to children at the Teton Science School campuses in Jackson, Wyoming, and Driggs, Idaho.

The picture above shows children from Kasane, Botswana who received our books through one of our partners, Elephants Without Borders (EWB)!  Thank you EWB for making a difference! 

We love donating books, but we also enjoy the privilege of doing presentations and readings! In the past few months we met with kids at White Pine Middle School and Thunder Ridge High School in Idaho Falls, Teton Science School campuses. Contact us at [email protected] for more information about book readings or presentations or book donations for your classrooms. We would love to connect with you!

We want to give away some of our books! We will send this book to the first three people to contact us at [email protected].  When you contact us tell us why sharks are important to our world!
Join Wild Green Kids Club!

Know a child who wants to learn about animals and their habitats? Help them join our club!
THIS LINK to learn more. 
Photo of Grizzly 399 and her new cub by Sylvia Medina


This summer we want you to show us what you see! Take a picture of an animal or insect you see in the wild. Sorry guys, dogs and cats and other pets don't count for this one! Tell us what is in the picture, where the picture was taken, and two amazing facts about the animal or bug. Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners. 

Remember, when taking pictures, you should never take risks to interact with wildlife. Never try to pet, feed, harass, touch, or try to scare wild animals. Admire them from a safe distance for their safety and yours. And also take appropriate precautions - like taking bear spray with you - when you are hiking, biking, or camping. The picture you see here of Grizzly 399 and her cub was taken, keeping all these rules in mind! For more information, go to and research the area you are exploring. 

Submit your entries to [email protected].
Contest ends August 31!
In Memoriam
Gerald "Jerry" Sehlke (1957-2023)
It is with great sadness we announce the passing of one of our Board members. Jerry was a passionate student of the natural world and a dedicated scientist. He earned a B.S. in Biology, followed by an M.S. in entomology and an M.S. in hydrology from the University of Idaho. Later, he obtained a Ph.D. in water resources law, management, and policy from the University of Idaho. Known as our "water guy," Jerry was well-versed in the latest climate change research, had extensive knowledge of local plants and insects, and was an expert in the hydrology of the Snake River Valley. He was a passionate educator and mentor to numerous students. His expertise, insight, and rigorous thinking will continue to impact his students, mentees, and peers even after his passing. We miss him! 
How You Can Support Us
As with any non-profit, we rely on contributions and donations to fund our work. You can learn more about us and donate at
Love the Wild is the non-profit arm of Green Kids Club which donates a percentage of profits from the sale of all their books to Love the Wild Foundation (as well as other partners they work with).  In addition to books about animals and environmental stewardship for children and adults, we also have apparel and accessories in our Love the Wild Foundation shop.  The proceeds from sales will be donated to the Foundation to support our education and conservation initiatives!
You can also support us by purchasing an item from artists who donate a portion of the sale to our Foundation! Eric Thorsen Gallery created this sculpture in honor of Grizzly 399 and we will have it available for sale soon! Also artist Jessica Becker is donating a portion of the sale of this darling fox picture to us! 
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