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Oltome Community Village Primary School Kenya Village Support

Love the Wild is working to enhance environmental education through support of the Oltome Community Village Primary School located on the outskirts of Amboseli National Park.  This village consists of members from the Maasai tribe Our main goal is to help educate children to become stewards of our lands. What better way than to go directly to a place that has such a huge environmental impact with animals of Africa?  During the pandemic this village was hit hard through a lack of tourist dollars coming through to help them with their village as well as school.  Learning was spotty, teachers were not getting paid and therefore classes were not happening on schedule, and children were not receiving an adequate education including regular meals.

The number of children involved include classrooms from K-3rd grade and 4 teachers with approximately 100 students.  Our foundation is paying teachers salaries, and breakfast & lunch for the children.  Environmental Classroom curriculum is being implemented per class every day of the week.  If you can help to support this initiative, we need support of $1700 per month.  Any help you can give us is well appreciated!

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