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New Classroom Challenge Teaches Children About Grizzly Bears and to Respect Wildlife From Afar

Our goal is to work with educators and institutions to ensure that the WILD is understood, loved and protected for future generations to come.  With our partners at Green Kids Club, we are sponsoring Inspired Classroom Challenges to teach children about environmental stewardship and being mindful about nature, with a focus on animals and their habitats.  We are so excited about our next challenge, the “Superhero Grizzly 399 Challenge”! 

This challenge is based on the award-winning Green Kids Club book, “Grizzly 399:  The Story of a Remarkable Bear” and the real-life iconic bear figure who lives in the greater Yellowstone area of the Northern Rockies.  In the book, children get a glimpse into the world of Grizzly 399 and learn about respecting nature and giving animals their space to live.  The book also includes gorgeous photos by renowned wildlife photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen.  For the challenge, children will be able to research facts about this famous bear and other Grizzly Bears then create their own graphic novel or comic strip to convey their findings. Selected work will be featured on the Love the Wild Foundation website and children may also receive a digital copy of the book for completing the challenge.  

Both parent and educators are eligible to register for this free challenge here.  For questions, contact [email protected].

You can buy the “Grizzly 399” book on our website, with proceeds going to both Love the Wild Foundation and The Cougar Fund here.  

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