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Giving Tuesday Support

Love the Wild Activities

As this busy year comes to a close, we reflect on the many blessings in our lives.  For me, I am deeply committed to forwarding the work of this amazing foundation.  This is done by teaching children and adults the importance of preserving our natural world and its animals through education and storytelling.  

For those of you new to us, Love The Wild Foundation is a non-profit organization that is the non-profit arm of Green Kids Club, Inc.  Our foundation partners with schools, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and like-minded entities to provide support in educating children, and adults, to protect animals and the natural environment – both locally and globally. We cross international borders with our partnered organizations by using educational materials, Grizzly 399 and Inspired Classroom projects, workshops, trips and other initiatives, as a means of teaching and empowering environmental stewardship. 

This year we have made great strides in providing scholarships for environmental education programs in wildlife management & coral reef restoration, orangutan habitat restoration, Kenyan Village environmental school support for their children, reading programs and book giveaways throughout the US and internationally as just some examples.  We have given hundreds of books to children teaching them about animals and the world they live in.  

I invite you to join our pursuit of environmental change, one student at a time!  Please don't wait. Show your continued support today!  Thank you so much!!!  Sincerely, Sylvia Medina

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Belize Marine Scholarship Apprenticeship Program

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