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Addressing the Problem Of Waste

We believe that plastic and other garbage will become a crisis in a few years much like it has overseas.   The Love the Wild Foundation Board feels that by actively reaching out to youth for dialogue and curriculum focused on waste and alternative possibilities will not only raise awareness but has the potential for far reaching solutions such as schools initiating campaigns and students getting parents to recognize aware of their use.   After all, our future generations are going to have the greatest impacts of this challenge so why not involve them in creative problem-solving discussions?

A Solution

While involving students regionally, nationally and internationally could be a logistical challenge, we have found a solution using technology.   Imagine involving youth across diverse populations – from large cities, to small rural communities – to work with mentors to discuss the challenges of plastics and create some quality macro and local solutions and provide awareness to their peers about consumption.  

Through research on how best to engage future stewards of our wild landscapes, we discovered Inspired Classrooms.  They specialize in talking organizations like ours to the next level, helping to build and deliver exceptional curriculum to the classroom through unique delivery solutions and distance learning.  They have a quality track record in connecting mentors and role models with students and educators, who hunger for authentic and prepared learning opportunities.   Stay tuned for forthcoming projects that we hope to announce with Inspired Classrooms.

Check out examples of Inspired Classroom initiatives that have impacted thousands of youth across the country at