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Some months ago, before our world drastically changed, we disclosed out intent to partner with Inspired Classrooms to conduct a series of classroom challenges related to environmental stewardship. This partnership is aligned with our mission to find ways to inspire youth, around the world, to protect, love and learn from the WILD. Now, more than ever, our responsibility to the earth and its inhabitants – both human and animal – is a dire priority. The alarm has sounded, and it’s time for our call to action.

We are truly excited to announce our first classroom challenge is underway with the theme of upcycling and a focus on animal appreciation.
Our mission is to teach both children and adults alike about how best to take care of our environment and animals – through love of the WILD, learning from the WILD and protecting the WILD.

Having children understand the value of upcycling helps to appreciate their role to be able to care for the environment and its animal inhabitants. Further, the challenge directs the children to create something that animals would find useful or in appreciation of animals. So both learning and caring are addressed (learn from the WILD and protect the WILD).

Both parents and educators are eligible to register for this free challenge, and, in addition to it being a learning experience, children can earn a digital copy of a book related to caring for the environment for completing the challenge.
We are working with our partners at Inspired Classroom on this challenge and hope to conduct many more like this. Our goal is to work with educators and institutions to ensure the WILD is understood, loved and protected for future generations to come. It is so important to get support for these upcoming challenges as well as other projects to inspire our youth. Your donations will make this possible!