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Emergency Arctic Response Leadership Roundtable

In collaboration with Green TV, Aria McKenna hosts Stephan Salter, Leslie Fields, Brian Von Herzen, Peter Fiekowsky and Rafe Pomerance to discuss the urgent need for a climate restoration strategy that responds to new information about the rate of permafrost and ice melt and their amplifying effect on climate.  

In recent years, polar temperatures have risen three times faster than the global average. Additionally, warming oceans are amplifying sea-level rise and sea ice and permafrost melt. In fact, the quickly melting Thwaites Glacier - an ice sheet the size of Florida - could disappear in just 5-10 years, exposing the world to an additional loss of the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet. This alone would open up over 10 feet of sea level rise if we fail to respond swiftly and appropriately enough.

Small islands and coastal communities are already feeling the impacts of sea level rise, which in addition to rising temperatures exacerbates war, poverty, migration issues, homelessness, disease, food shortages, inflation, health crises, injustice, and natural disasters to name a few. While the world is focused on multiple international emergencies and global unrest, there is one issue that amplifies all the rest, which, if collectively understood, could potentially unify the world through a global plan of action.

We hope you can join the call to learn more about the collaborations and strategies that are being developed by scientists and policy makers around the world to expand a response to the escalating crisis which has been depleting ecosystems, disrupting weather patterns and amplifying global unrest.

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